Ana Gabrilo

Choosing a Name for Your Ecommerce? These Tools Might Help!

So, you’ve done it. You’ve created this amazing product that you want to share with the world. And, you want to make some money in the process. Next phase: creating your online store and setting your business plan in motion. Sounds easy, right? Sure, but before all that, there’s one tiny little detail you need […]


10 Multilingual SEO Mistakes in Ecommerce (and How to Avoid Them)

Language builds bridges between the self and the rest of the world. It defines humanity. It connects. As such, the importance of language cannot be underestimated. Nowadays, more and more businesses embrace the significance of foreign languages. They choose to address their customers with the familiar sounds and letters of their mother tongues. Multilingual companies are […]

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Iva Devcic

5 All-Around SEO Tools for Ecommerce Websites

Ranking as close as possible to the top of the search engine results pages (SERP) is every ecommerce website’s goal. Ranking high can help you grow your business by driving more traffic to your site and ultimately increasing your sales. In order to improve your rankings, you need to optimize your site for search engines. […]

Nina Matic

How to Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your E-commerce Business

As an owner of an e-commerce business, you have probably invested a lot of thought and effort into your marketing strategy. Maybe you spend a lot of money on expensive ads, maybe you organize elaborate product promotions, or you have an extensive e-mail list for sending out newsletters. As much as all these tactics work […]

Anja Logožar

Three Key Legal Issues Online Marketers Need to Know About

A business without marketing doesn’t do so well nowadays. Marketing is not only beneficial, but also needed in order for your business to succeed. Marketing solidifies relationships with your clients, and also attracts new ones. Your clients and customers should know that you care about them, their needs, wishes, but also about their data and […]

Andrej Hendelja

6 Steps to Diagnosing Traffic Drops with Google Analytics

Every once in a while, a business can experience a drop in web traffic. Such a scenario probably wouldn’t be so troublesome if it weren’t for its negative effect on the business’s online sales, which is the whole point of having a website. That’s why diagnosing the cause of the drop is crucial, so that […]

Nika Said

How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Probably every company that wants to establish a strong online presence spends a considerable amount of time and money on their online marketing efforts. They pay for search and social media ads, publish blog articles regularly, and work on generating organic traffic. But, for some reason, many are not seeing conversions that would have a […]

Vedran Greblo

Crucial Ecommerce Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Business

With the advent of internet technology e-commerce has dominated the world of business for over a decade now. So it should come as no surprise that many companies have jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon and started selling their products online. It is important to emphasize that e-commerce is not just an online version of a brick and […]

Nina Matic

How to Find the Right B2B Sales and Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Every company in the world has the same ultimate goal – to maximize return on investment and earn a profit. While that goal may be common, the way to achieve it is certainly not. Since every company is shaped by different factors such as its area of expertise, size, offer, competition and others, there is […]

Vedran Greblo

How Should Publishers Adapt to Mobile Ad Blockers

Ad blockers have been around for many years, decades even, but nowadays they are making their first foray into the mobile domain. Recently Apple made headlines when it announced that their latest iteration of the mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads will be supporting Ad blocking apps. Needless to say, this has ruffled more […]

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