Double Your Social Media Content With These 3 Tips

Social media is important. If any serious business wants to make it these days, then social media activities are quintessential in reaching out to customers and getting engagements and leads.

Tens of thousands of customers are just a click away from learning everything they need to know about your fantastic product or service.

And once they do become aware of it, successful social media management can get them engaged and ultimately ensure conversion and brand loyalty.

A survey from Vertical Response has shown that as many as 90% of small businesses have an active Facebook account, and 70% of them have a Twitter account.

It tells us that a staggering number of businesses are aware that social media activities are not a waste of time, but rather a long-term investment.


Unfortunately, not all business owners have the time or resources to manage a social media account (not to mention several of them) and produce social media content regularly.

If you are one of those, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a way to double your social media content with half the effort.

1. Share the Same Content More Than Once

Sharing a post more than once on the same social media network sounds frightening. We generally have the idea that people will notice it and consider us as spammers or just being lazy at best.

In reality, according to people who regularly use this technique, the audience does not even notice it or simply does not care.

Since there is a lot of noise out there on social media networks (some more than others), people do not have the time to acutely pay attention to all the posts that are shared.

Think of, for example, how much posts you’ve seen on Twitter just within the last hour. Do you have the time to read all of them?

Different people see different social media posts depending on what time they are posted.

If you share your content more than once, you can get three or four times as much mileage from a single post than you would if you were to post it only once.

Here’s an example of how the guys from Kissmetrics share their posts more than once.


You will notice that they share the same post six times within two months on Twitter and that they do not share it again on Tumblr.

This is because Twitter as a social media platform is much more active than other networks so you need to adjust your schedule accordingly.

There are, however, things to consider when employing this technique. Never share exactly the same message twice.

You need to format it differently so that it isn’t all that obvious that the post is the same. For example, you might turn it into a question or include a pull-quote from the post itself.

Also, consider altering its design as well, and optimising your content for each network.

Once you share the same message again for the second or third time, monitor your results for any negative feedback, decrease or even increase in post activity.

A slowly fading interest in your content will give you a hint that it’s time to stop sharing it.

By sharing your content on social media more than once, you will not only double your social media content without any real effort, but there is also a chance your post will go viral.

2. Create a Database of Quality Content to Post

Sharing the same message more than once is certainly a great way to increase your social media content. But what if you do not have any content to share?

What if you are just staring at the blank computer screen thinking, “How do I write something engaging?”

Finding content to post is an incredibly time-consuming activity. In fact, a survey conducted by Vertical Response has revealed this to be the most troubling social media activity for most business owners.


In order to tackle this problem, you need a database of pictures, videos and humorous posts that will be seen as original and qualitative.

You may look for such material by reading other blogs and by following pages and accounts related to your business, product or industry. Basically, collect materials as you go and note those things you want to share later in your database.

3. Have a Schedule

Schedule a time of the day or even a week that will be dedicated solely to your social media activities.

Why? When you stop doing one task to “quickly” post to social media, for example, you actually waste time on this task by having to pause and then come back to it later.

Even if it takes just a couple of minutes to post to social media, you’ve lost your entire train of thought on the project that you were working on.

This is why it’s a good idea to schedule a specific time of the day that will only be dedicated to your social media activities.

You may choose to spend this time finding shareable content that you will be able to post later or monitoring your social media metrics (social media listening) and adjusting your strategy according to the results.

You may also schedule out the release of your social media posts. Using a tool like Buffer, you can sit down for ten minutes and write five tweets that will be posted on your social media account throughout the day.

This tool will also allow you to post at a time when social media engagement is the highest.

For example, Buffer has learned that Facebook engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays, whereas the best time to post on Twitter is on the weekends.


Be careful in your planning, though. You don’t want to send your messages one right after another because that practice will make you a spammer.


Any social media strategy thrives on consistency and regular posts that are made timely with a plan and a schedule.

You need to keep your brand message and presence in front of your audience all the time, but this, as we all know, requires consistent output and daily effort. Time is something most business owners are in shortage of.

Using the three aforementioned techniques will allow you to increase your social media content with less time and effort.

Schedule a specific time in your calendar that will be dedicated only to your social media activities. You may use this time to analyse your social media results or to look for posts you will share later.

By staying in touch with what’s new and hot in your niche or in general, you will be able to create a database of shareable and interesting content.

Using specific tools, you may schedule to share this content automatically throughout the day.

And once you do share it, change it a little bit and, by all means, share it again. This will give you the time you need to focus on what matters the most – your business.



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