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I’m sharing my 16 dos and don’ts that got my client 2600+ page-one rankings!

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How to create Long-form SEO content!

Do’s & Don’ts

16 tips that got us 2600+ ranking!

Content Writing

Learn how to create high-quality SEO content.

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Learn how to optimize content to always rank on search engines


About The Author

✅ SEO guy for 17+ years.
✅ Teaching how to leverage the power of content-based SEO.
✅ Advised more than 200 firms worldwide on SEO.
✅ Specialty: content-based SEO strategies.

I’ve always been a consultant and mentor to my clients, and over time I evolved to become a full-fledged SEO educator.

Also, my big passion is sharing my knowledge and making the complex world of SEO more understandable.

I do that through workshops, panels, speeches at various events, mentoring startups, podcast appearances, or my posts on LinkedIn.

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