Growing 2X but you want to grow 10X? You need...

SEO for SaaS.


Growth hacking
for SaaS companies
SEO optimization for B2B SaaS websites
Get more sales from search engines

Your website needs better rankings on search engines but you don’t know how to achieve that?

Our optimization methods help you with a predictable and scalable growth by placing your website higher on search engines.

Website Traffic

We provide search engine optimization services to B2B SaaS companies that want to leverage the popularity of search engines and get more sales through their websites.

Revenue Growth

Higher rankings on search engines bring more qualified traffic to your website. Popular websites sell more and become a predictable revenue source for your business.

SEO & Content Marketing for SaaS

Google is making it harder to rank websites on its search engine, which is why modern SEO requires a different approach. We leverage content and we keep our methods up to date with the latest changes in the SEO industry.

This separates us from other SEO service providers. Our SEO trifecta framework perfectly combines data-driven keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO optimized long-form content and personalized link-building outreach.

SEO for SaaS

Search engine optimization is our specialty. We serve B2B SaaS companies that want to grow their influence on search engines.

1. Keyword Research

Our SEO & Content Marketing strategies are data-driven. We focus on 1% most important keywords for your business that will get your SaaS relevant visitors.

2. Content Marketing

We promote your content to rank high and get links. When your website is a resource, it brings benefits to both the reader and your website.

3. Link Building

Our outreach based links will help your website increase domain authority and rank your content high for important keywords.

What we deliver.

First Page Rankings

Searchers don’t go to the sixth page of Google looking for the needed solution. Ensure they find YOU by improving your position with SEO.

New Customers

An authority website is a source of inbound sales. You will attract suitable customers and drive more income to your business.


We use SEO and content marketing to grow your organic traffic. We can promote your blog and grow its traffic. To a million visitors? Why not!

Result Tracking

You will be regularly updated on the status of your marketing campaign. We describe the process behind the result and share essential SEO metrics with you.

As a result of SEO, our clients were hired by these companies:

Ultimate Guide to SEO for SaaS

You’re struggling to grow your blog’s traffic, generate more leads, and grow your revenue because you’re not using SEO & content marketing properly? Marketing has changed! If you want to grow your SaaS in 2020 you need a growth hacking mindset and you need to outsmart your competition.

We combine SEO with content to achieve amazing and long-term results. SEO can help your SaaS business reach a bigger audience, which is essential for your growth. If you want to learn how this approach can benefit your SaaS business, then read our guide.

Read Ultimate Guide to SEO for SaaS

How BMW & NASA hired our client

We used content marketing and SEO to get BMW & NASA hire our client. When we started they didn’t even believe they could get clients through their website. But they decided to test it out.

In the beginning, they had almost no backlinks pointing to their website and it only had a few pages with no content. Their goal was to reach one of their main competitors who was already doing well on search engines. 

We decided to focus SEO campaign on creating content first because the website didn’t have any  content pages. We also created a couple of linkable assets and built backlinks to them.

BMW and NASA are some of the many clients they got through SEO, but most importantly, they are now getting new inquiries all the time. Bunty can be found on search engines for over 3,000 targeted keywords and they are now ranking for many relevant keywords on the first page of Google.

Case study: Software industry SEO
How we helped a client get
8 million visitors from Google

A client reached out to us and asked if we can help them build higher-quality links for their website. They sell Antivirus software and utility tools for Windows.

They already had a good amount of backlinks but the quality and strength of those links were not high. They needed to add in top quality links to their backlink profile.

1. Before the link building campaign, we created a most in-depth guide on Windows 10 Troubleshooting. This guide is 50 000 words long and it has a custom design.

2. During the creation of the guide, we also defined the strategy and prospected link targets that we will reach out to and ask them to link this Windows guide.

3. We started the outreach process with the goal of building the highest quality links. We have built countless links for the client and we are still doing it. Top technology blogs, institutions, libraries, and other authoritative websites have linked to our client due to our link-building campaign. Getting .edu links is hard, getting .gov links is impossible, but we still managed to do it.

The Result?

Quality content on the clients’ website paired with our top quality links resulted in traffic of 8 million visitors from search engines – every single month.

Domain Authority grew from 35 to DA 78.

We started at 300,000 organic visitors and increased their traffic 25 times. The client now gets 8 million organic visitors from Google. Do you want to 25X your organic traffic?

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