seo for saas
SEO for SaaS: The Ultimate Guide
SEO has changed a lot in the past decade, but one thing remains the same: the majority of web traffic still belongs to organic traffic, i.e., visitors from search engines. That’s why SEO is a very important marketing channel for almost every business. If you are not easily found on...
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content calendar
How to Create a Content Calendar
We covered the ins and outs of creating a content calendar that will help keep your team on track and your blogs on schedule.
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seo tips to drive more traffic
16 SEO Tips That Will Drive Your Organic Traffic
We bring you 16 evergreen SEO tips that will, if implemented, drive much more traffic to your website from search engines.
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20 Game-Changing Content Marketing Tips
Remember the last time you saw a piece of content that knocked you off your feet. The feeling of awe and inspiration you got from that amazing post wouldn't have been there if the publisher had settled for an okay performance. When you make your best content, your visitors can...
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choose seo expert
How to Choose an SEO Expert: 14 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO
Hiring an SEO expert is a strategic decision with long-term implications for your business, but the problem is that there is no entry barrier to this industry. I'll tell you which questions to ask to handpick real SEO experts from the sea of fake gurus on the internet.
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link prospecting tips
11 Link Prospecting Tips to Find High-Quality Backlink Opportunities
Link prospecting is the process of identifying the websites from which you can get backlinks to your content. It helps you optimize your link-building efforts and reduces costs by allowing you to focus on the backlink sources that matter. Prospecting is a crucial step in the link-building process, one that...
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keyword research tips
10 Keyword Research Tips for Driving Targeted SEO Traffic to Your SaaS
Targeting the wrong keywords will either attract irrelevant visitors to your site or no visitors at all. Unlike blogs or affiliate sites, as a SaaS company you have to be conscious of your brand image and can't target every trendy topic. I'll share actionable keyword research tips to drive relevant...
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Best Blogging Tools to Skyrocket Your Blog’s Growth
We've compiled a list of some of the best blogging tools that the top content creators and marketers use to dominate their niches.
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email outreach tips
Email Outreach Tips to Grow Your SaaS
Email outreach can be very effective if done right. Although poorly made old outreach emails get ignored (and deserve it), well-written outreach emails do get responses, resulting in backlinks, PR, partnerships and leads. In this article, I'll share proven tips for writing such emails.
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saas link building tips
SaaS Link Building Tips: 11 Ways to Build Authority Backlinks
Getting backlinks to your site from other relevant and high-authority sites in your niche should be the next most important thing on your SEO agenda after creating great content. Here is a dozen SaaS link building tips that you can start using right away.
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14 Time-Tested Content Promotion Tips for B2B SaaS Marketers (2021)
Content for B2B works on different rules than content for general audiences, so here are some content promotion tips for the best results.
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content creation tips
13 Proven B2B Content Creation Tips to Drive Traffic and Leads
Content creation is a waste of money unless you put in the effort to be a little different, and a bit more innovative to provide your readers real value.
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11 Proven Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love
Bloggers often struggle to come up with unique blog post ideas. In this detailed guide, I'll share different ways you can find proven content ideas for your blog and create an idea generation system to keep your content calendar full.
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on page seo basics
On-Page SEO Basics For SaaS | The Complete Beginner’s Guide (2021)
On-page SEO for SaaS doesn’t look much different from SEO for a regular website. That’s precisely why so many marketers get it wrong. The fundamentals of SEO are the same for SaaS as well, but your approach to on-page optimization will be completely different from an affiliate site or an...
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pillar page
What is a Pillar Page? (And 7 Bonus Tips to Help You Create One)
Follow our tips to create a pillar page that improves your organic traffic and drives qualified leads for your business.
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link building mistakes
14 Link Building Mistakes That Most SaaS Blogs Commit
Backlinks from high-authority websites are your ticket to Google’s top ten search results. A study by Zazzle Media found that B2B marketers consider link building the third most effective SEO practice after content creation and on-page optimization. Source According to a study by Ahrefs, marketers are willing to pay up...
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link worthy content
How to Create Link-Worthy B2B Content That Attracts Backlinks on Autopilot
Learn what link-worthy content is and how to create it so that you never have to worry about building backlinks again.
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content marketing funnel
Step by Step Guide to Building a Content Marketing Funnel (2021)
Having trouble with your content marketing funnel? With our guide, you'll attract, nurture and convert your leads into customers.
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link building strategies
13 Link Building Strategies to Include in Any SEO Plan
Building backlinks is one of the most challenging SEO elements to perfect. In this post, we cover 13 link building strategies to get other websites to link to yours organically.
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b2b SEO guide
B2B SEO: How to Increase Your Organic Traffic
Tired of only getting site traffic when you’re aggressively posting content to social media?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making your website appear in your target customers’ search engine results pages. Unlike other marketing channels, the upfront work pays off in the long-run. You don’t need to commit to posting...
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Content Marketing for SaaS: How to Land Tons of New Users with 5* Content
Every software company has a unique set of challenges their users face before joining a paid plan.  The only problem? Easing users through those challenges one-by-one is a mammoth task. (And that’s if you have any leads, in the first place.) There’s one thing that can come to your rescue:...
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seo for startups
SEO for Startups: How to Conquer Google to Get More Customers
Nothing is more important to a startup than getting those initial customers through the door. Without them, you won’t make any profit—and potentially lose momentum before you even begin to grow. Luckily, there’s one marketing channel you can use to drive customers to your website—even if you’ve only just opened...
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8 content marketing mistakes
8 Content Marketing Mistakes (Even Experts Make)
Is content marketing essential for modern marketing campaigns? No doubt about it.  Websites and internet users are growing in number, with the latest stats from June 2019 showing that 4,536 million users are currently online, amounting for 58.8% of the human population.  In an endless sea of companies fighting for...
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marketing skills
Improve Your SaaS Marketing Skills With These 7 Resources
Can you hone your marketing skills and become a better SaaS marketer just by following others’ work? Sure you can. With so many top-notch blogs, podcasts, and videos, you just have to block your time and open your mind to new techniques and knowledge.  Resources are plenty, but as a...
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How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities
Do you want to generate consistent traffic to your website and build a great brand online? Of course, you do, who doesn't? One of the best ways to do it is by getting your message across to bigger audiences on other websites? If you've tried social media and you’re not...
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7 Tips for Better Blogger Outreach
Do you want a larger audience for your business? One effective way to do that is through effective blogger outreach. Here’s the truth: You’re struggling to grow your blog’s traffic, increase leads generation, and grow your revenue because you’re not reaching out to other bloggers. Whether you want more customers...
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How To Get First 100 Backlinks for Your SaaS Website
Links are the currency of the web! All links are not created equal. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C SaaS marketer, you need the right links to improve your performance in the search engines. Search engines have the best source of traffic. According to Outbrain, “search is the #1 driver of...
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10 SaaS Email List Building Methods
Building an email list of loyal subscribers is hard.  Most marketers and bloggers struggle with it. But I want to make it easier for you. Use these ten overlooked techniques to build your email list faster, and nurture a healthier business. As a SaaS marketer, you need an active email...
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