How to Use Content Marketing In a “Dull” Industry
Content marketing is all about attracting and engaging your target audience, but what about when your industry is "dull". Can you write compelling content about bland stuff?  Good content drives traffic to your website, boosts the awareness of your brand and, eventually, increases your sales. Creating fun and attractive content that provides extra value to your readership is easy if...
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SaaS Copywriting Hacks Based in Psychology
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced SaaS marketer, you know how important a good copy is for any business. Having a high-quality product is a great place to start but there is a long journey between a good product and making the sales. When you are defining your company’s brand or desperately trying to increase those conversion rates,...
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How to Give New Life to Your Old Marketing Content
As a businessperson of the 21st century, you are well aware that you can no longer be a successful marketer without constantly providing your target audience with new and fresh content. Being great at content marketing implies abandoning some obsolete techniques such as pushy selling and focusing your efforts primarily on content delivery. However, although you might be a fantastic...
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Rebranding Done Right: 5 Examples You Can Learn From
Rebranding your company is not just about changing your logo or tagline. It is about implementing a marketing strategy that will help your company create a new identity. The new identity should demonstrate to your customers and employees how your company aligns with the culture, goals and messages it presents. Rebranding should never be taken lightly. It can be expensive,...
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8 Hobbies Of Incredibly Successful People
Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg hunts his own food? Have you ever heard of a thing called ''cross-training the brain''? No? Well, we can guarantee you that using this technique can make you better in everything you do. Don’t worry, it isn't hard but actually a lot of fun; it only requires you have - a hobby. So, what...
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How to Maintain Your SEO Rankings After Reaching the Top
If you think you don't need to maintain your SEO rankings after you’ve ranked at the top for your targeted keyword, you're wrong. Once you’ve reached the top, it doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever. Your competitors can outrank you just as easily as you’ve outranked them. Ranking in Google’s top ten search results for a targeted keyword is probably...
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