keyword research tips
10 Keyword Research Tips for Driving Targeted SEO Traffic to Your SaaS
Targeting the wrong keywords will either attract irrelevant visitors to your site or no visitors at all. Unlike blogs or affiliate sites, as a SaaS company you have to be conscious of your brand image and can't target every trendy topic. I'll share actionable keyword research tips to drive relevant...
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Best Blogging Tools to Skyrocket Your Blog’s Growth
We've compiled a list of some of the best blogging tools that the top content creators and marketers use to dominate their niches.
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email outreach tips
Email Outreach Tips to Grow Your SaaS
Email outreach can be very effective if done right. Although poorly made old outreach emails get ignored (and deserve it), well-written outreach emails do get responses, resulting in backlinks, PR, partnerships and leads. In this article, I'll share proven tips for writing such emails.
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saas link building tips
SaaS Link Building Tips: 11 Ways to Build Authority Backlinks
Getting backlinks to your site from other relevant and high-authority sites in your niche should be the next most important thing on your SEO agenda after creating great content. Here is a dozen SaaS link building tips that you can start using right away.
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14 Time-Tested Content Promotion Tips for B2B SaaS Marketers (2021)
Content for B2B works on different rules than content for general audiences, so here are some content promotion tips for the best results.
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content creation tips
13 Proven B2B Content Creation Tips to Drive Traffic and Leads
Content creation is a waste of money unless you put in the effort to be a little different, and a bit more innovative to provide your readers real value.
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