Improve Your Organic Search CTR
So you want to know how to improve your search CTR? When I first embraced SEO, I didn’t take click-through rate seriously. Back in the days, it was a lot easier to rank on page one of Google, with much less effort. But the tide is changed now. Google algorithm updates...
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10 SaaS Email List Building Methods
Building an email list of loyal subscribers is hard.  Most marketers and bloggers struggle with it. But I want to make it easier for you. Use these ten overlooked techniques to build your email list faster, and nurture a healthier business. As a SaaS marketer, you need an active email...
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How to Safely Redesign Your SaaS Website
Website redesigns are a scary proposition for many SaaS marketers and rightfully so, evoking a flood of concern such as: Will this work in all browsers?How will this affect page load speed?What’s the impact on conversions and churn?How will this affect our SEO? But why should you consider a redesign anyway? You may tell yourself that your present solution works...
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How to Use Content Marketing In a “Dull” Industry
Content marketing is all about attracting and engaging your target audience, but what about when your industry is "dull". Can you write compelling content about bland stuff?  Good content drives traffic to your website, boosts the awareness of your brand and, eventually, increases your sales. Creating fun and attractive content that provides extra value to your readership is easy if...
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SaaS Copywriting Hacks Based in Psychology
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced SaaS marketer, you know how important a good copy is for any business. Having a high-quality product is a great place to start but there is a long journey between a good product and making the sales. When you are defining your company’s brand or desperately trying to increase those conversion rates,...
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Stay in Tune: SEO Checklist for Ecommerce Websites
Every website is like a living being. It requires attention, care, and constant improvement. No SEO advice or best practice is forever set in stone. Our most used search engine is tweaking its algorithm often, trying to improve its performance. The same stands for webshops, there is always something to do. The amount of maintenance depends on the quantity of...
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