pillar page
What is a Pillar Page? (And 7 Bonus Tips to Help You Create One)
Follow our tips to create a pillar page that improves your organic traffic and drives qualified leads for your business.
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b2b SEO guide
B2B SEO: How to Increase Your Organic Traffic
Tired of only getting site traffic when you’re aggressively posting content to social media?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making your website appear in your target customers’ search engine results pages. Unlike other marketing channels, the upfront work pays off in the long-run. You don’t need to commit to posting...
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Content Marketing for SaaS: How to Land Tons of New Users with 5* Content
Every software company has a unique set of challenges their users face before joining a paid plan.  The only problem? Easing users through those challenges one-by-one is a mammoth task. (And that’s if you have any leads, in the first place.) There’s one thing that can come to your rescue:...
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seo for startups
SEO for SaaS Startups: How to Conquer Google to Get More Customers
Nothing is more important to a startup than getting those initial customers through the door. Without them, you won’t make any profit—and potentially lose momentum before you even begin to grow. Luckily, there’s one marketing channel you can use to drive customers to your website—even if you’ve only just opened...
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marketing skills
Improve Your SaaS Marketing Skills With These 7 Resources
Can you hone your marketing skills and become a better SaaS marketer just by following others’ work? Sure you can. With so many top-notch blogs, podcasts, and videos, you just have to block your time and open your mind to new techniques and knowledge.  Resources are plenty, but as a...
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link building mistakes
14 Link Building Mistakes That Most SaaS Blogs Commit
Backlinks from high-authority websites are your ticket to Google’s top ten search results. A study by Zazzle Media found that B2B marketers consider link building the third most effective SEO practice after content creation and on-page optimization. Source According to a study by Ahrefs, marketers are willing to pay up to $3,300 for a single backlink on a high-authority site....
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