Why Blogging for SaaS is Important

Are you thinking about starting a blog for your SaaS company? Are you wondering if there are any benefits to blogging for business, and how it can help your company develop and thrive in the long run?

We’ll run you through some benefits.

Blogging has, in fact, become ‘a must’ when building your brand. It provides your SaaS business with a platform to connect with your readers, customers, partners, and many others, through a direct line of communication.

Not only does it have multiple benefits for your business in terms of driving more traffic to your website and getting more leads, but it also helps you capture the attention of your audience, which is today more important than ever.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most important benefits of having a blog for your business.

Gain More Exposure for Your SaaS

The most obvious advantage of blogging is gaining more exposure for your SaaS business, i.e. spreading the word about your business online.

A business blog that is full of great content that is both helpful and relevant to your target audience will help your company reach new prospects, attract potential customers, and meet possible business partners, as well as future employees.

Ultimately, your blog will put your SaaS business in front of new people and potential new customers as well.

People can find your blog and your company as well via simple Google search, or a post shared by others on social media platforms.

Increase Your SEO results

Search engines love fresh content. Therefore, blogging provides you with an excellent opportunity to beat your competitors when it comes to search engine rankings.

Each new blog post means one more indexed page on your website, which results in more opportunity for your site to show up in search engine result pages and provides more organic traffic for your website.

Regular new content on your blog also gives additional credibility to your website, and it creates opportunities for you to include the most important keywords in your posts that are sure to help you increase the visibility of your site on SERPs.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Use your blog’s content as a basis for your social media marketing campaign.

Your blog is the perfect platform for writing content that is both helpful and relevant for your customers.

On the other hand, your business is probably also active on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others as well.

By combining these two marketing channels, you can effectively drive traffic back to your website.

Do this by posting links on social media sites that lead back to blog articles on your website.

This way you are giving your fans and followers a reason to visit your website, and actively increasing the number of your website visitors in the process.

Also, your blog can be a great foundation for your social media activities. Instead of having to come up with brand new materials to share on social media on a daily basis, you can turn to your blog for help.

It’s a win-win situation.

Get More Leads

Traffic that your website receives through your blog provides the perfect opportunity for its conversion into leads. Note that each new blog post can get you more leads.

To do this, simply add lead-generating call-to-actions to your blog posts. You can offer free trials or materials, such as eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, and other, in exchange for your visitors’ information.

The process of turning traffic into leads works like this:

  • Visitors come to your website
  • They see a call-to-action that includes a free offer of some kind
  • They click a call-to-action button leading them to a form they need to fill out
  • They fill in their information, click submit, and receive the free offer.

They get their freebie, and you get their contact information.

Promote Your SaaS Brand

Blogging gives your company a voice.

It provides your business with a platform for sharing ideas, talking about new products and services, and commenting on new industry trends.

Blogging also helps your customers get a better sense of your company’s vision and corporate standards. In other words, blogging lets you tell the story of your brand.

By providing your readers with an insight into your company, you are making an emotional connection with them that will easily translate into customer loyalty over time.

Develop a Better Customer Relationship

Your blog is a great communication channel that helps you connect with your site visitors.

Keep in mind that most people that arrive on your website are not ready to make a purchase until they learn more about your business and your products or services. Your home page, landing pages and your blog are an excellent way to provide them with the answers they’re looking for.

Blogging provides a platform for conversation with your readers, customers, prospects, industry peers, and others.

This can be done by ending your blog post with a question for your readers or simply by allowing them to express their opinions on the topic in the comments’ section.

By responding to your readers’ comments, your will not only connect with your audience and build trust, but also gain valuable insights into what they are looking for when it comes to your product or service.

Establish Your Software Business as an Industry Leader

Blogging helps you stay up to date on everything that is happening in your industry, such as news, events, trends, announcements, and other.

By researching and evaluating all this information, you are not only growing your own knowledge, but also showing your audience you are ”in the know.’’

You are presenting yourself as well as your company as an expert in your field of work, and assuring them that the content you are publishing is up to date, relevant and accurate.

In other words, you are establishing yourself as a source your audience can rely on, and your business as one that your customers can trust.

By blogging, you are introducing yourself a leader, and not a follower.

Blogging Creates Sharing Opportunities

Each of your blog posts presents a great opportunity for sharing on other platforms as well. In other words, you are giving your audience great content to share with others on social media sites.

You want to make this process quick and easy for them, and the best way to that is by adding social media buttons to your blog post.

Your readers might feel encouraged to share your blog post on their social media account, tweet about it, or email it to their others. It doesn’t matter.

What matter is that your blog content is easily shareable with others, which results in free marketing and more exposure for your business.

Enjoy the Long-Term Results

Each new blog post gets you views and leads. Some people simply read it, some leave a comment, and some share it with others on social media channels as well.

After some time, the hype from that post quiets down. This is normal.

However, the story doesn’t stop there.

That blog is now ranking in search engines, which means that it continues to bring traffic to your website.

In other words, the effort you put into each of your blog posts pays out not only in the present, but in the future as well.

For example, 70% of the monthly traffic on HubSpot’s blog comes from posts that were not published in the current month, but from old posts.

In the end, starting a business blog just makes sense. By investing some time and effort, you can build credibility, improve brand awareness, boost search engine rankings, increase traffic to your website, and strengthen ties with your customers.

Blogging can improve your business and help it grow, and is a great marketing opportunity you should definitely not skip.

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