Davor Bomeštar

SEO Strategist, Mentor, Speaker
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Davor Bomeštar
SEO Strategist | Mentor | Speaker | 3X founder | 17+ Years of Experience

👋 Hi, I’m Davor!

The owner of Fortis and SEO guy with 17+ years of experience.

I like helping businesses and marketers to leverage the power of content-based SEO.

I advised more than 200 firms worldwide on SEO.

My specialty: content-based SEO strategies that drive consistent business results.

I’ve always been a consultant and mentor to my clients, and over time I evolved to become a full-fledged SEO educator.

Also, my big passion is sharing my knowledge and making the complex world of SEO more understandable.

What I Do:

✔️ Personalized Consultations: for those wanting to elevate their SEO game with 1 on 1 guidance.

✔️ Training & Workshops: for those wanting to empower their teams to implement effective SEO content strategies.

✔️ Speaker Engagements: I just love sharing my best practices with the crowd at various events & conferences.

What I Achieved for My Clients:

🔼 Increased organic traffic for a software industry client to an astounding 8 million monthly visitors.
🔼 Boosted a client’s monthly organic traffic to 30,000 visitors within a few months.
🔼 Secured 2,600+ page-one keyword rankings for a leading B2B company.
🔼 Helped a client get 300.000 organic visitors in 2023.
🔼 Helped a B2B SaaS company add $100k+ LTV per month through strategic SEO content.
🔼 Impressed a data recovery industry client with a staggering 1500% increase in organic traffic.

Why Work With Me?

✔️ I have a track record of success
✔️ I’m committed to bringing sustainable, long-lasting results
✔️ I bring more than a decade of knowledge and expertise to every engagement.

Whether you’re a startup seeking to establish a strong online presence or an enterprise aiming to optimize your SEO content strategy, I can provide guidance based on decades of experience in this evolving field.



We are a content marketing agency that drives awareness and demand for our clients with high-quality blog content. 

Our clients enjoy working with us because we create SEO content that ranks but is actually optimized for readers.



We’ll help you identify the best content opportunities, create an SEO strategy, and produce content that gets results.

We take the time to understand your industry and get a sense of the audience you want to target before we start planning and creating SEO content.



We’ve spent years perfecting our operations and content production workflows. So, we can take care of your content needs and help you turn your blog visitors into paying subscribers.

Our content creators are among the top 1% of the talent pool, rigorously vetted and trained to produce content that is simply the best content you can find on search engines.