What Is Epic Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an excellent marketing strategy that can ultimately help you increase traffic to your website, get more leads and grow your revenue. Unfortunately, producing good content is just not enough anymore.

To grow your business, you have to continuously create content that is way above average. You need to create content that is so good that people can’t ignore or resist sharing it. You need to create epic content.

Producing such content or producing enough of it is not easy for some businesses. But with the right content marketing strategy, even the smallest businesses can skyrocket their marketing efforts.

What is Epic Content Marketing?

It’s a known fact that successful content marketing requires you to produce high-quality content. But epic content is even better than that. It stands out from the rest and it presents something that hasn’t been done before.

Unlike most generic, low-quality content that lacks detail and useful information, epic content is very thorough and offers comprehensive detail.

Detailed information is what makes the content useful to the readers and it also gives it an authoritative feel.

It is usually long-form and almost always crosses the 1,000-word mark. Some articles with epic content often go up to 5000 words. Longer content fares better in search engines and is better at generating shares.

However, the length of the content is not the most important thing you should be focused on when trying to create epic content. Focusing on creating value matters more than the word count.

Epic content is highly engaging and gives specific actionable tips. It has the ability to change your readers’ lives by inspiring them to take action and achieve a specific result.

This impact the content has on the readers is exactly what makes it epic.

All epic content has one thing in common – it evokes a similar emotion in a large number of people. The fact that epic content gives your readers insight into useful information and triggers emotion is what makes people want to share it.

It is important to realize what makes content epic, because once you do, you can easily recreate it constantly.

An example of an epic piece of content is Ramit Sethi’s guide to making money. It has over 10 thousand shares on social media.

The reason this guide is so popular is that it is useful and offers great value to the readers. Ramit shares his money-making techniques gives detailed examples and mentions case studies.

epic content example 1

The guide is also very visually appealing, it includes many images and video clips. Its formatting stands out from what you see in regular blog posts.

The fact it was professionally designed gives it even more value and it is something people appreciate and are more likely to read and share.

The Benefits of Creating Epic Content

Capturing your target audience’s’ attention is not easy. This is something most businesses struggle with.

But by focusing on producing unique high-quality content that your readers can’t find anywhere else, you can draw attention to you and your brand.

When you have your readers’ attention, that brings them one step closer to attracting them to what you have to offer.

Producing epic content has the potential to improve your brand loyalty. When you have a strong brand, people will trust your products and services.

By offering your customers useful and valuable content, you give them a reason to trust you and stay devoted to your brand.

Having satisfied customers, a strong brand and a reputation for continually producing epic content will help you gain new customers.

You will inevitably attain authority and people will start searching for your brand. You will be on track to becoming an influencer in your niche.

In the marketing niche, Neil Patel and his company Quicksprout are considered one of the top influencers. If you search for a guide on content marketing, the first result you will get is a guide from Quicksprout.

content marketing guide

People search for Neil because he has expert knowledge on marketing but also because he continually produces epic content such as this guide.

He offers his audience valuable information and as a result, he is sought out as an authority in this field.

If you take the time to produce such thorough content, another additional benefit you will gain from epic content is an increase in traffic to your site. You can use this increase in traffic to build your email list by creating a lead generation form on your website.

Finally, creating epic content has one additional benefit. It has the potential to go viral. This means you won’t have to struggle to promote it.

Creating Epic Content

Before you start creating your content, make sure you have a clear vision of the results you are expecting to achieve. Define your goals and key performance indicators so that you can measure your results.

Your goals might be to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, improve search engine results page rankings or increase social media engagement.

Whatever it is you are aiming for with creating epic content, having a thoughtfully developed strategy will guide you in the right direction.

As you go through this process, don’t forget that epic content has to have certain basic traits. It has to draw you in and make your audience want to read it completely.

So always think about ways you will engage your readers and keep them from losing interest.

It also has to evoke an emotional reaction and give your readers a reason to share it. That is why you have to make sure your content has value for your readers and that it triggers emotions.

Keep in mind that the majority of viral content entices positive emotions such as awe, surprise or astonishment.

This post by Jon Morrow went viral with more than 15 thousand shares. Jon inspired so many people with his personal story and encouraged them to take action.

The post triggered positive emotions, offered something of value and that is why it got shared by so many people.

epic content example 2

Start With Thorough Research

Even if you have extensive knowledge on the topic you are going to write about, a little additional research will go a long way. You should do enough research so that you can completely cover your topic.

This will ensure that your readers won’t have to look somewhere else to find additional information.

The most obvious place to start your research are search engines. Search for articles on your topic and take a look at the results on the first page. Your goal will be to outrank these articles and to do this you will have to produce content that is much better.

guide to successful blogging

Read through the top articles and take special note of any vital detail that is missing. Make sure you include any missing points in your content. Keep in mind that your focus will be on providing in-depth, comprehensive and thorough content.

The other part of your research will be aimed at your target audience.

Remember when we mentioned triggering emotions with your content? To evoke emotional reactions in your audience you have to understand what they care about and what makes them react emotionally.

Researching your target audience’s demographics, habits, wants and needs will help you in producing content that your customers will find valuable and entertaining.

Craft Your Epic Piece of Content

Start your writing process by creating an outline of your content and make sure you cover all the information you discovered during your research.

Remember to include important points your competitors forgot to include in their content.

The best way to approach the writing itself is to just start writing without overthinking it. Leave the editing and organizing for the very end.

Don’t feel pressured to write in order, start with whichever part of your content you feel comfortable with at the moment. It is best to start with the easiest parts first. As you progress, you will tackle the harder parts with more ease.

Don’t forget to include statistical data, examples, and quotes to support your ideas. Mentioning influencers and experts in your niche will add credibility to your content.

It will also aid you in promoting your content later on. This is because emailing the people you mention in your articles might entice them to share your content with their audience and provide you with more exposure.

An important part of your epic content should also be visual elements. Visual content is easier to consume and understand.

Adding images, infographics, videos and similar graphic elements will not only make your content more visually appealing, but it will also make it more likely to go viral.

Neil Patel’s guides are a wonderful example of visually appealing content. Not only are they professionally designed but he also includes various graphic elements throughout the content.

He provides many examples with the help of screenshots, charts, graphs and various other graphics.

epic content design

And again, Neil offers value and comprehensible detail in his content. This, in combination with visual appeal, is a perfect example of two characteristics of potentially viral content.

Another important part of the viral potential of a piece of content are headlines. They are probably the most important part of your content that you should focus on.

The title of your content is what makes your readers decide whether they will click on it or not. If it is not interesting and doesn’t pique their curiosity, they will likely not make it past the headline.

That is why it is important to invest time in coming up with an engaging headline and an introduction that draws the reader in. These two are vital parts of your content.

Once you are done with writing your article, make sure you edit, proofread multiple times, organize and rearrange your content.

Promote Your Epic Content

If you created engaging, valuable, emotion-triggering content it will have the potential to go viral. This means you won’t have to invest a lot of time and effort to promote it.

However, giving it an initial boost won’t hurt, especially if you don’t have a big audience.

The most obvious choice is sharing a link to your content with your audience. But promoting your content doesn’t only mean sharing it across all your social media accounts.

There are other promotion strategies you can focus on.

Reaching out to influencers to share and promote your content is a great strategy. Visit social media accounts of top influencers in your niche and find the ones that have shared content similar to yours.

You can enter URLs of content similar to yours in Twitter search and discover influencers who have shared it.

Twitter Search

Send suitable influencers an email or reach out through social media and ask them to check out your content. If it impresses them, they will likely share it with their audience.

Don’t forget to contact everyone you mentioned or linked out to in your content. Send them a link to your content and let them know they are mentioned. They might share it as a sign of gratitude.

Additionally, you can also try promoting your content with guest blogging. Contributing articles to other blogs in your niche is a great way of giving exposure to your content as well as for driving traffic to your site.

Epic Content Marketing Works

Creating epic content requires thoughtful planning and thorough research. It can be hard but it can definitely be done.

As hard as it may seem, it pays off to invest your time and effort in regularly producing content that captivates your readers and offers the something valuable.

With the right strategy, research and promotion, your epic content will have the potential to go viral.

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